STOP – Self Exclusion

Longer self-exclusions and account closure

Apart from account closure, self-exclusion is the highest level of player protection we offer. You can self-exclude for any period of time longer than 6 months, and permanently if you think that’s the right decision for you.

It’s a matter of your personal priorities, your disposable income and how comfortable you are or not with your overall attitude towards gambling. But our advice is that if you’re even thinking self-exclusion might be the right option for you, then go ahead and do it.

There are two kinds of self-exclusion you can choose:

From 6-12 months

your account will automatically re-open once the period has finished, the same way as a time out .

Longer than 12 months

your account will not re-open automatically. If you want to continue playing once your self-exclusion period has expired, you’ll need to contact in2bet. Your account will then be re-opened after 7 days.

We also suggest that you delete the in2bet app from your phone, and we’ll make sure that you don’t receive any promotional messaging during your self-exclusion period. Please note that you cannot open a new account with different details during self-exclusion.

If you’re self-excluding from in2bet, please consider self-excluding from any other betting sites you’re signed up to.

Account closure

If you want to permanently close your account, please call our Player Services Department on +357 22-053939, send an email to or use our Virtual Assistant.

If you fear losing your self-control for whatever reason while gambling, or are going through a stressful event that affects your betting decisions, you can - and we strongly recommend it! - choose Self-Exclusion. This will provide you with protection until you find yourself again. Until then, you will not have access to your in2bet account.

example: We provide you with the possibility to either exclude yourself for a period of 6-12 months or for a period even longer than 12 months.

*Furthermore, for your integrated protection, we recommend activating the analogous tool on other betting platforms where you might be registered.

If you choose Self-Exclusion of less than 12 months, it will automatically expire when the specified period has passed and no action is required from you. If, however, you choose Self-exclusion longer than 12 months then only after the 12 months have passed will you be able to reactivate your Account. You will have to notify us by email or via live chat and reactivation will take place 7 days after receiving your message.

*In case you try to open a new account using different contact details (e.g. of a relative) during your Self-Exclusion option, in2bet will do everything in our power to track down and close this new account.

*Additionally, your contact information will be removed from our databases so that you will not receive any updates and/or promotional messages from in2bet for as long as you choose Self-Exclusion.

*We also urge you to remove the pop-up Notifications you usually receive on your devices from in2bet and delete the application (app) from all your mobile devices.

Note:: Daily - 00:00:00 to 23:59:59 EET/EEST of that calendar day

Weekly - Saturday 00:00:00 to Friday 23:59:59 EET/EEST

Monthly - 00:00:00 on the first of the month through 23:59:59 EET/EEST on the last day of the month

*You can permanently close your Account if, for example, you are not happy with the returns, with your on-site experience or because you simply lost interest in the Game. You can contact our Player Services Department, either by phone at +357 22-053939, by email at , or through the Virtual Assistant and send your request by email.