Recognize the signs of problem gambling

There are signs you can spot which tell you if you might have a problem with your gambling behaviour, or that you might be at risk of developing a problem in the future.

Do any of the following statements ring true with you?

- You experience guilt when you gamble

- You worry about how much money you lose gambling

- You worry about how much time you spend gambling

- You lie about your gambling habits

- You feel like you have to bet larger amounts of money to keep the excitement going

- You often think about betting, and can't wait for the next time you place a bet

- Your gambling leads to problems in your family and your relationships with the people closest to you

- You’ve developed health problems since you started gambling or stress that you can't manage

These are just some, but not all, of the things to think about when you address your own gambling behaviour. Even if you’re comfortable with your attitude towards betting, we encourage you to take our safer gambling self-assessment survey below.

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Recognizing the signs of gambling addiction…

The only way to get maximum enjoyment in Betting is - as in any other game - when you play consciously, balanced, and responsibly. Depending on the person's psychological or sentimental state or a given moment of tension or mental weakness, betting may involve risks and possibly bring about harmful consequences. How can you recognise the signs?

Self-Assessment Questionnaire

  • Do you experience guilt every time you gamble?
  • Do you feel guilty about the amount you gambled?
  • Do you feel like you have to play a larger amount, more and more, to keep your excitement going?
  • Do you often get thoughts about betting and can't wait for the actual moment to play?
  • When you lose, do you feel the urge to keep playing even harder?
  • Has your involvement in gambling stirred up problems at home, in your family, and your relationship with the people closest to you? (of financial, emotional, behavioural nature).
  • Have you developed health problems since you started gambling or stress that you cannot manage?
Remember: Your involvement in Betting and Gambling should be a fun activity. Addiction to Gambling can have many adverse psychological, physical, and social effects. If you answered "yes" to even 2 of the above questions, you might need to consider asking for support. You will get free help, and, in addition, the information you will be sharing is confidential.