Our safer gambling policy 

It’s the game that matters

As sports fans who like a bet too, we love what we do here at in2bet and we hope you love using our site and betting with us - this is sports betting, for fans, by fans.

Betting should be something which you enjoy as just another form of entertainment, like playing sports, going out with friends, reading or watching TV. The moment it stops being like that and becomes all about the result, that’s when you need to think seriously if you should carry on. Sure we prefer winning, but losing isn’t the end of the world, or at least it should never feel that way.

Our commitment to providing our players with a safe, fair, and responsible place to bet is absolute and will never be compromised. The responsibility we have towards our players goes beyond just fulfilling our obligations to our regulator. That’s what we take pride in and what we believe marks us out as different from some of the other sports betting sites out there.

Our digital environment, services, and products are designed to ensure, as much as possible, the quality, consistency, integrity, transparency, and reliability of in2bet. Our dedicated staff in2bet undergo regular, ongoing training to be able to recognise any sign of potential problem gambling quickly so they can offer the appropriate help.

Let us finish by saying that if you haven’t already done so, please set yourself some limits on your account, either for money, time or both. That’s the single smartest, most effective thing you can do right now to keep a check on your betting.

And please remember that help is only ever a phone call or an email away. Anything you say to in2bet or any other support organisation will be handled with the strictest confidence and sensitivity. 

Thanks for trusting in2bet.

Safer Gambling Policy with in2bet
We love the Game and want you as our teammate. At in2bet, we are committed to adopting good practices and procedures that promote Safe, Fair, and Responsible Betting. We actively support every effort to protect our players from the potential negative consequences of gambling and support them to conquer knowledge, regulatory, and self-protection options to make even more responsible and informed decisions. Our digital environment, the services, and the products of in2bet are designed to ensure, as much as possible, the quality, consistency, integrity, transparency, and reliability of the game. We regularly train our Staff to be able to recognise any signs of addiction promptly and to be able to direct players towards software, centres and authorities that appropriately offer help.

Enjoy Responsibly, Play Responsibly!