Safer gambling at in2bet

Safer gambling is and always will be our top priority at in2bet.

We know that in the passion, drama and excitement of the moment it can be easy to get carried away and bet more money than you should do. Or perhaps over time, you find yourself betting more often than you want to.

Sports betting should be about fun, entertainment, enjoying the action and enjoying yourself. We’re here to bring energy and excitement, not anxiety or stress. There’s enough of that around already.

As individuals we’re all responsible for the choices we make, and how much and how often you bet is on you. But our guarantee to you is that we’ll do absolutely everything we can to make sure you always stay in control and never have a problem with gambling.

So, we strongly encourage you to make use of our safer gambling tools which you can find along with some other advice on the left-hand menu:

- Deposit limits
- Bet limits
- Loss limits
- Time out
- Schedule down time
- Self-exclusion
- Site blocking & online safety

These are a range of effective, easy to use measures which help you to keep track of how much time and money you’re spending with in2bet. Think of them as like your sensible friend who’s got your back, always there to give you good advice when you need it.

We promote a socially responsible attitude to sports betting and our philosophy is it’s the game that matters. Taking losses is part of sports and a fact of life. Michael Owen knows it, and we know it too. We believe that it’s how you play the game and the enjoyment you get out of it which is more important than the end result - win or lose.

Remember, we’re in your corner and we’re always here to help if there’s anything you want to talk about.

Responsible Betting for maximum Fun

We urge you to:
  • Enjoy the game, the sports moments, the social experience, and the overall emotion your favourite game and its athletes offer. Avoid focusing so much on the score and don't fixate on the result..
  • Choose to bet responsibly and without exceeding the budget that you can objectively allocate. If you stay within reasonable monetary limits, then the Game can never beat you!
  • Maintain the entertaining character of the game from beginning to end. in2bet Betting stands for enjoyment, excitement, the ultimate passion for the sports, fair play, and the athletes’ effort . Under no circumstances is Gambling a means to win money or income..
  • Help yourself to play responsibly. Set a time limit for playing and betting. And then do something else that pleases you. That way, you can keep your interest going until next time. The break is much needed.
  • Play only when you are in a mentally and psychologically good place.The Game is not a way of blowing off steam, nor can it substitute for the relaxation you achieve by focusing on yourself and your loved ones. Remember, at in2bet, we want you to be in good spirits and enjoy the Game.
  • Sports and Excitement go together gambling and alcohol do not.
  • Before playing, take some time and familiarise yourself with how our products and the disruptive philosophy of in2bet work. We want you as a teammate!