Don’t chase losses

Some you win, some you lose

If you bet with any regularity you’ll know that quite often you lose. In fact you’ll probably lose more than you win over time. Some people view sports betting like any other form of entertainment which costs money - going out to eat, buying new clothes, going on holiday - but if you’re not comfortable with losing money occasionally than sports betting isn’t for you.

That’s especially the case if you’re ever tempted to chase losses. That means when you lose, you want to place more bets and spend more money trying to recover the money you’ve lost. However tempting it might be, this is always a bad idea. We’re sports fans ourselves at in2bet so we get it, we’ve been there too. But chasing losses is never a smart thing to do.

Withdrawal – Modification of Limit

Any chosen modification (e.g. a withdrawal or modification of limit) which entails a possible reduction of the player's protection will take place seven (7) days after the Company receives a relevant electronic request from the player. On the contrary, any modification that signals an increase in player protection takes immediate effect upon the reception of the appropriate electronic request.