Blocking & Protection

Website blocking and protection on your device

Whether for yourself or for other people in your household (especially under 18s), you might want to consider installing software which prevents you from accessing certain websites, including gambling websites.

Some of the options you have are below: - universal blocking software for Windows, iOS, and Android - software specifically for blocking gambling websites, available on Windows and Android - software to block gambling websites available on Windows, Mac and iOs - block access to gambling websites and apps worldwide

Google - some free extensions which allow you to block gambling advertising

There are other sites which provide similar protection as above, so we encourage you to have a look around and decide on the best options for you.

Installation of Blocking & Protection Software

You can always choose to install either a General Blocking Software that forbids access to selected websites and sets parental control or a Special Software for Blocking Betting Sites, specifically.

Below you can find a few such software, but we encourage you to do your own research: